why pwr
Climate Change
The EU claims to be leading the world in addressing climate change. This is certainly true in terms of the volume of legislation being generated in Bruxelles. The situation is further complicated by member state legislative and policy developments. This complex situation makes it time consuming for companies to understand what is happening and when and how these developments may have an impact on business.
PWR has developed various visual tools which show the track of legislation (at what stage is a given regulation, directive, piece of member state law), how the various players interact (EP, Council, EC, ...) and what industry thinks.  The tools enable a given company to gain a quick understanding of what is important for them and in turn to develop plans either to mitigate the impact of legislation or indeed to take advantage of it.
In addition to legislation and policy, PWR also reviews technology developments and options. These have a significant impact on the development of legislation and it is impossible to consider one without the other. PWR experience at the technology sharp end (operating power networks and running industrial energy saving schemes for a Japanese company) enable it to comment authoritatively on a given GHG technology.
Custom Studies (IT & Climate Change)

In the area of market studies, PWR only produces custom reports focused on European markets. Custom studies allow PWR to supply client with exactly what they want. Furthermore, on completion, reports are always followed-up by a comprehensive presentation by PWR staff.

Such presentations help a client maximize the benefit from the report by highlighting key points. In short, the PWR custom study service aims to provide clients with high quality reports that also offer good value for money.

To facilitate client satisfaction PWR reports focus on two general issues:

- meeting (and if possible exceeding) the requirements of the client,

- providing a high level of readability, (PWR reports are generally a lucid and jargon free read).

PWR is familiar with many of its competitors. These companies main line of business is to produce off-the-shelf studies whilst also claiming to offer a custom study service. However, due to a different business model, the information and analysis contained within a given "custom" report is inevitably "recycled" into off-the-shelf studies.

Finally, and at another level, PWR differentiates itself from its competitors by having a very low corporate profile in the IT industry. This enables PWR to more easily collect useful information.. You will never see PWR personnel giving presentations at industry gatherings. You might, however, see them listening, carefully, to what is said.


PWR, has built up a wide range of contacts throughout the European IT industry. These contacts and its own extensive knowledge of the industry allows PWR to help clients identify the partners that best meets its needs.

Trade Disputes

PWR has a track record for winning trade disputes (on the injury element of the trade dispute) that is un-paralleled. We are, quite simply the best in this area.

Competition Issues

Why use PWR in competition cases? Our industry knowledge, analytical abilities and reputation within DG Comp will improve a client's chances of a favourable outcome. This confidence is supported by a willingness to work on a "no-cure, no-fee basis". PWR can also provide advice on pro-active measures to avoid disputes.

Participation in Framework Programme

PWR has extensive insider experience of the EU's Framework programme. As such it is well placed to advise companies on how to participate in the programme, locate partners, write proposals and so forth.