FAQ - GHGtimeline

Q.        Can more than one person in my company access the GHGtimeline at the
            same time
A.        Yes, within reason. Where companies have a couple of people looking at GHG issues
            we would be happy with up to 10 people on line at any one time.
Q.        You say the timeline has 24/7 availability. Do you offer any SLA with respect
            to this.
A.        PWR’s GHGtimeline is hosted by the UK-based ISP SAQ. This company hosts PWR’s site at Telehouse in London docklands. This facility is the largest hosting centre in Europe and terminates most Europe-US Internet traffic. It is a very well guarded and secure facility and the PWR site is regularly backed-up. Loss of access to the GHGtimeline in any given year will be in the order of minutes.
Q.        Who owns the intellectual property
A.        The GHGtimeline, devised and developed by PWR is wholly the property of PWR.
Q.        What about confidentiality, does the GHGtimeline contain secret information.
A.        All data collected by PWR is either public source or NOT covered by NDAs or similar secrecy agreements. As a simple matter of priniciple, PWR has a policy of never signing an NDA with respect to data collection.
Q.        Seems like a big data collection and data sorting effort.
A.        Yes it is, which is why we have a number of people active doing this.
Q.        What happens if we are interested in a particular area, for example Carbon Capture & Storage. (CCS)
A.        PWR can add workbooks to the GHGtimeline which provide more in-depth information (all workbooks follow a similar timeline to that of the calendar). Taking the example of CCS, PWR can cover current EU/EC activity (CCS directive & its legislative track), company activity in this area, EU projects (current and future).