Selected research reports produced by PWR/PWR Personnel in the last 5 years:
Climate Change
The PWR EU Timeline for policy & technology
Information Technology
- IPv6 Developments in Europe
- Internet Appliances
- European Flat Panel Distribution Networks
- Telecommunication Network Management Systems (Europe)
- DataComms Markets Prices and Discounts to PTOs - Europe
- The Impact of Non-European Equipment Suppliers in the European PTO Equipment Market
- Telecommunications Equipment Markets in Eastern Europe
- IC Markets in Eastern Europe
- DECT Systems in Europe
- Wireless Local Loop Systems in Germany?
- Digital Cities One-Stop Non-Stop Services
- Data Communications Equipment Markets - Europe
- ITS and PBX Markets in Western Europe
- ACTS and its influence on PONs Architectures
- European Market for WDM and Giga Routers
- Giga Router Market Conditions - Europe
- VSAT Market in Western Europe
- Security Issues & Encryption in Europe - the role of SIGINT
- Next Generation Internet (NGI) Developments in Europe