why pwr
PWR undertakes work in two main areas: Climate Change & Information Technology
Climate Change
PWR offers both "off-the-shelf" and custom studies in the areas of EU policy and EU technology developments with respect to Green House Gas (GHG) reduction. PWR has developed a set of unique tools for monitoring policy and technology developments. All GHG studies and reports are based on these tools. PWR clients with a user name and password can access PWR's GHGTimeline here. Those that would like to see a sample of the GHGTimeline can click here. An FAQ of the GHGTimeline is here. Justification for using PWR as opposed to our competitiors is here.
Supporting the above is PWR's extensive expertise covering large-scale power networks as well as power saving and energy conservation for industrial companies.
Information Technology
PWR has been involved in a wide range of custom market research. Specific subjects are listed here. Within a given technology area, market studies have examined a wide range of market elements including: market drivers, market size, distribution chains (and dynamics), prices paid by end users, discounts offered, why some players are successful and others are not. In short, PWR studies can provide answers to very difficult questions. Furthermore, the custom nature of the studies mean that the answers produced by the research will only ever be available to the client.

In addition to the above, directors of PWR are also, in their own right, owners of network companies. Such ownership provides them with unparalleled insights into European IT market developments.

Arising out of its core market research activities, PWR provides other services. Click here to review these.
PWR works with a range of clients. To safeguard confidentiality, PWR will only work with one company on a given  subject. Working with other clients on that subject is then embargoed for 6 months after the delivery of a given report (or for the duration of the contract). Whilst "report re-cycling" is a way of life for PWR's competitors, it is not something that PWR has ever done.