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Other PWR Services

Partnership Building

PWR helps non-European companies identify possible European partners. PWR also provides support to such companies during the initial phases of relationship development.

Trade Disputes

PWR personnel have been involved in trade disputes since 1987 (specifically anti-dumping disputes). Their track record in winning disputes (or helping a client achieve a favourable settlement) is unparalleled. Cases handled by PWR directors include:

- Domestic microwave ovens
- VCRs
- Plain Paper Photocopiers
- Electronic Typewriters
- Fax Machines

PWR has also supported disputes in non-technology sectors such as textiles and food stuffs

EU Competition

As an independent consulting company PWR has from time to time made presentations to DG Competition on subjects of interest to this part of the European Commission. Such presentations are valued by DG Comp for their impartiality. Leading on from this, PWR personnel have been involved in competition cases as industry experts where they have provided impartial input.

The European Commission & The Framework Programme

PWR has provided extensive support to the European Commission in the following areas of the Framework Programme:

- work-plan development (5th Framework Programme) usually through participating (as chair/raporteur) in workshops,

- proposal evaluation (mostly networking and multimedia related) – answer the question "is the proposal worth funding?",

- portfolio evaluation (how does the portfolio of projects match the overall goals of the IST plan?),

- project review (network and multimedia) – is the project on track?.