PWR’s GHGtimeline (& its alternatives)

  Most companies currently obtain GHG information in one of three ways:

DIY (“thanks we already have somebody covering this”):
 A full time person, with the appropriate knowledge set & ideally based in Bruxelles.
Cost: Euro 30,000 per year (& that’s without the office)

But with PWR:
All of the above & more Cost: Euro 10,000 per year

Lobbyists (with opulent offices  aka “The Usual Suspects”):
Nice reports complied by non-technical generalists which look good on the bookshelf.
Cost: Euro24,000 per year (plus “extras” – there are always chargeable “extras”)).
But with PWR: GHGtimeline populated by experts, available 24/7;
Cost Euro10,000 (no fancy offices, no thick reports (or thick carpets) no chargeable “extras”).

Lawyers (“the ticking sound is the fee counter”)
The option for those with truly deep pockets. Reports are long on legalese, but sadly short on the business/technical aspects of GHG activity.
Cost: if you need to ask the price you can’t afford the service.

But with PWR: a fixed price of Euro10,000 (no ticking sounds) and legalese-free output.

Why PWR?

Understanding & Capability
We have the technical expertise (ex-power engineers, ex-energy saving specialists, semiconductor specialists (PV anybody?), RICS members (energy in buildings), etc to populate the spreadsheet i.e. put into it what matters and link “what matters” together.

Information not Data
Anybody can collect data on climate change. However, it only becomes valuable when it is turned into information that is useable in a business context. Our GHGtimeline is unique. It offers timeliness, a good overall view and supports the possibility of drill-down to specifics. It is also easy to use: you can use Excel? then you can use PWR’s GHGtimeline. In short, PWR’s GHGtimelines is a business tool.

Cost Effectiveness
A subscription to the GHGtimelines is less than one third of any other alternatives whilst offering a product that is un-matched by anything the competition offers.